all natural, organic

Fruit Ingredients

We offer fruits from controlled cultivations in a variety of formats, such as purees, juices, powders, flakes, and pieces always in clean label and with organic options…Produced by our reliable partners in Turkey, and for EU origin requirements in Italy and Poland.

all natural, organic

Vegetable Ingredients

Our clean-label solutions can help you for formulation challenges in any format and market. We offer controlled cultivation vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, beetroots, carrots, and pumpkins in a variety  of forms such as juices, powders, flakes, and pieces with their natural properties. 

all natural, organic

Plant Based Ingredients

We offer innovative “free-from”, plant based ingredient solutions to help businesses stay ahead of trends and provide consumers with desired benefits without the need for unnecessary ingredients with excellent taste outcomes.

Distribution Services

We offer key services to achieve growth in EU markets 

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