IQF Strawberry

Ekoterra offers premium quality organic and conventional IQF strawberries from our producing partners’ own projects, harvested when perfectly ripened for optimal aroma and color.



Individually quick frozen (IQF) strawberries are available from Ekoterra as part of our IQF fruit offer, packaged and delivered to customer-defined location, direct or to a cold store for service deliveries.

Our offer of  IQF strawberries are of excellent quality and come from our producing partner’s own projects, harvested when perfectly ripen for optimum aroma and color.

IQF strawberries offer the same delicious flavor, texture, health advantages, and nutrients as fresh strawberries, but with a longer shelf life.


Pre-packaged fruit salads, retail packs, strawberry jams, and pickles, desserts, dairy products – yoghurts, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and milkshakes.

Conventional / Organic qualities available

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