Natural and Organic Pistachios

We offer pistachios that are cultivated organically in Southeast Turkey. We provide a variety of organic pistachios, including raw in shell and roasted and salted in shell. We also have organic pistachio butter, which produces a delicious organic nut butter. Pistachios are a popular food that is high in nutrients and flavor. They may be packed for sale or utilized as an ingredient in trail and snack mixes. Besides, pistachio is a perfect ingredient for bakery, ice cream and confectionery production.

brown and white round fruits

In shell Pistachios
Roasted / Raw / Roasted & Salted

  • Country of Origin: Turkey
  • Types: Roasted & Salted Pistachio In Shell Raw Pistachio In Shell – Roasted Unsalted Pistachio In Shell
  • Size: 18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26, 26/28, 28/30, 30/32, 32/34
  • Packaging:  25 kg cartons and 1000 kg big bags

Pistachio Kernel Powder
Red Inner / Green / Peeled

  • Country of Origin: Turkey
  • Types: Roasted – Red Inner, Green, Peeled Green
  • Sizes: 1 mm
  • Packaging: 25 kg cartoons and 1000 kg big bags - Logo of international directory of organic food wholesale & supply companies