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  • Industrial Tomato Products , Retail and HORECA

    Diced Tomato

    Tomatoes are washed, sorted, and processed in the following ways: steam peeled, cut into regular pieces (diced), and drained for seed removal, chopped, and hot break juice extraction, evaporated
    The final product (diced plus juice) is termally treated and aseptically filled and chilled.


    Bag in box 10 kg,
    Drum 212 kg
    Big Boxes 850 kg,
    Goodpack 1.350 kg


  • Industrial Tomato Products , Retail and HORECA

    Semi Dried Tomato

    Semi Dried Tomatoes

    Premium quality oven semi dried tomatoes are suited to retail, food service and industry.

    IQF individually quick frozen, 24 months shelf life at -18c, free flow, no preservatives or artificial colors.

    You can also ask for marinated or pasteurized ready to eat versions.

  • Industrial Tomato Products , Retail and HORECA

    Tomato Paste

    Tomato paste

    We offer a range of concentrates with different texture:   Semiconcentrated Tomato Paste, Double Concentrated Tomato Paste and Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste.