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    Natural and Organic Pistachios

    Premium quality traceable, organic pistachios for industry applications

    We offer pistachios that are cultivated organically in Southeast Turkey. We provide a variety of organic pistachios, including raw in shell and roasted and salted in shell. We also have organic pistachio butter, which produces a delicious organic nut butter. Pistachios are a popular food that is high in nutrients and flavor. They …

  • Nuts

    Traceable/Organic Turkish Hazelnuts

    Premium quality traceable, organic Turkish hazelnuts for industry applications

    We are proud to offer the best varieties from Turkish family businesses. Our selection of hazelnut types and kernel sizes allows for creations in confectionery, baking, ice cream, and other applications. Natural, roasted, blanched, diced, and paste ingredients are always traceable, and some are certified organic. Maintaining strict safety and quality standards …