all natural, organic

Fruit Ingredients

Fruits in all forms…from controlled cultivations in a variety of formats, such as purees, juices, powders, flakes, and pieces to serve clean label applications and with certified organic options…Produced by our partners in Italy and other EU origins to meet ingredient requirements of B2B food producers located across the globe. Dive into our bountiful selection and elevate your products to new heights of flavor and quality.

all natural, organic

Vegetable Ingredients

Discover our vegetable ingredients crafted to tackle formulation challenges. We offer meticulously cultivated tomatoes, peppers, beetroots, carrots, and pumpkins, available in various forms such as juices, powders, flakes, and pieces, all maintaining their natural properties. Perfect for clean label applications, our vegetables are versatile solutions for your needs.

all natural, organic

Plant Based Ingredients

We provide ingredients, products, and solutions to empower businesses to anticipate trends and deliver desired benefits to consumers without unnecessary additives, ensuring excellent taste outcomes. From nuts and legumes to ancient grains, our wide range of products offers you opportunities ahead of the competition. With private label options and formula developments, we’ve got you covered.

all natural, organic

Plant Extracts

Other Clean label ingredientsOffering plant extracts with guaranteed traceability of raw material cultivations and processes, widely utilised in various industries including nutraceuticals, beverages, dairy, pastries, confectionary, and food preservation, they provide exceptional versatility and quality. Specializing in innovating flavors and colors, improving product quality, extending shelf life, and enhancing nutritional and health benefits. Committed to meeting evolving market demands, prioritising safety, health, natural ingredients, and nutritional preferences.

Organic Brands

We offer innovative “free-from”, plant based ingredient solutions to help businesses stay ahead of trends and provide consumers with desired benefits without the need for unnecessary ingredients with excellent taste outcomes.

Brands for Retail Bonnybite

Logistic and Distribution Services

We offer key services to achieve growth in EU markets 

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