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Consumers are becoming more health-conscious, and as a result, the demand for healthier products is growing. Food technology is evolving in response to trends, allowing more food manufacturers to use more natural, functional ingredients. Every day, more applications create delicious and nutritious consumer goods. Breakfast cereals, retail-ready snacks, chocolates, culinary applications, instant noodle mixes, and tea mixes are just a few of the uses for our natural ingredients.

Natural Cereals
Freeze-dried fruits and nuts add flavour, colour and natural goodness to healthy cereal combinations. Low moisture content (<10%) of freeze-dried fruits ensure shelf-stability and freshness for the consumer.
Snacks and Bars
Consumers’ tastes for snacks are changing. Healthier snack choices being a new priority in today’s lifestyle needs. Fruit pieces and nuts are a natural ingredient solution for a range of snack bars providing a cleaner ingredient labeling.
close up photo of stacked chocolates bars beside raspberries
Freeze-dried fruits enhance the properties of chocolate and chocolate products.
Freeze-dried fruits are a natural inclusion for the healthy infusions, herbal and fruit varieties which are becoming a daily drink.
Freeze-dried vegetables, herbs, spices and meats are indispensable for soups, sauces and instant meals. 
Soups and noodles
Selected vegetable, pulse, herb, and spice ingredients are ideal for soup and noodle mixes. - Logo of international directory of organic food wholesale & supply companies