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The COVID-19 pandemic proved snacks are essential to consumers’ lives—now we need to get prepared for the next generation of snacking.

The traditional three-meal-a-day diet is being challenged around the world as a new generation of eaters prefers snacks to square meals. It’s called snackification, and while it’s not a new concept, it’s becoming more popular as a way of eating. It’s also known as grazing, and it fits better into today’s hectic lifestyles of both professionals and families.

Crunching on snacks reduce stress and improve mood especially when we’re hungry. The problem with snacking is that many snacks are highly processed and contain high amounts of sugar and fat. It would be extremely concerning if people substituted snacks for regular meals without considering the potential negative health consequences. This has resulted in a shift in consumer demand toward healthier snacking, as well as increased awareness of the nutritional value of snacks, resulting in the creation of new snack categories such as “Better-For-You” snacks, which are more nutritious than alternatives.  As people become more busy and on-the-go, the demand for snacks will only increase.

Snacks have long been considered a conventional category, but during the last decade, trends have resulted in an explosion of innovative ideas.

With local influences driving diversity and more healthier alternatives accessible, the snack industry has opened up, allowing snacks to be nutritious, pleasurable, and genuine all at the same time. The snack category today is on the way to change, to be dynamic.

Clean labelling and healthier snacks

Reduced sodium, fat and sugar while providing balanced flavour profiles. Improving low-fat snack bases represents an important capability: the understanding of succulence as key to the eating experience. 

Building back the mouthfeel experience of a regular snack product helps to make low-fat snacks more enticing. As we see a move to more baked and ‘air-popped’ snacks.

Evolving palates

Consumers today are evolving in their tastes as they are experiencing different cuisines. New generations in particular, daring what has been accepted over years.   That means snacks are re shaping, where contrasting flavours are blended to create something exciting and very unique.

The last few years have seen consumers become more adventurous with their taste buds.  With many on lockdown for several months, trying new, bold flavors became a way to feel a much-needed sense of excitement. Snack makers will continue to lead the way in experimenting and innovating to take consumers on a flavor adventure.

As we emerge from the pandemic, a return to a more-active, mobile lifestyle will act as a catalyst for innovation in the category.  In the next months, expect to see an explosion of all-new snack products made with alternative ingredients, added health benefits, and daring flavors, all to meet the ever-present demands for health, convenience, and fun for the on-the-go consumer.

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