Freeze Dried Fruit Powders

Freeze-dried fruits are 100% pure and retain many the nutritional, flavor, and color characteristics 

Ekoterra provides freeze-dried fruits come both as an ingredient to your products to create a unique flavour and optimal shelf-life as well as private label ready snacks.


Freeze-drying (lyophilization) allows keeping the naturalness for long shelf life. In general, this method preserves the flavor, aroma, appearance, and, most importantly, the maximum nutrient benefit, vitamin quality, and vibrant colors of the original fresh fruit. Freeze-dried fruits are 100% pure and retain many of the natural nutritional, flavor, and color characteristics from their fresh form.

The fruit is placed in a vacuum chamber with a temperature less than zero degrees Celsius. The temperature gradually rises, and the solid water molecules become gaseous without ever becoming liquid. As a consequence, the fruit’s structure and nutritional content are preserved.

List of products offered (Certified organic / conventional)

Product                Format
Apple Powder (Bio/Conv)
Banana Powder(Bio/Conv)
Blackberry Powder (Bio/Conv)
Blackcurrant Powder(Bio/Conv)
Wild Blueberry Powder(Bio/Conv)
Elderberry Powder (Bio/Conv)
Kiwi  Diced Powder
Lemon Sliced Powder
Lime Sliced Powder
Mango Powder(Bio/Conv)
Orange  Sliced Powder
Raspberry Powder(Bio/Conv)
Redcurrant Powder(Bio/Conv)
Strawberry Powder(Bio/Conv)
Conventional / Organic qualities available

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