Tomato Products

We offer tomato derivative products made only with top quality fresh tomatoes. 

tomato paste
Ekoterra offers tomato products that are processed using cutting-edge technologies to ensure complete food safety.

We provide high-quality tomato products, such as cubes, pulps, purées, semi-concentrated, and concentrated pastes of various brix levels prepared using both conventional and organic tomatoes.

28-30Cold Break7-112.0 – 2.4235
28-30Hot Break5-72.0 – 2.3235
28-30Super Hot- Break3-5.51.9 – 2.2235
30-32Cold Break7-112.0 – 2.4240
30-32Hot Break5-72.0 – 2.3240
30-32Super Hot- Break3-51.9 – 2.2240
36-38Cold Break7-112.0 – 2.4250

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