Freeze-Dried Truffles


Freeze dried truffles
Freeze-dried Truffles

Freeze-dried truffles offer a natural aroma with a long shelf life. Because of their high price and their unique aroma, truffles are a high value culinary ingredient. Fantastic as they are, truffles need to be consumed in a very short period of time. Thanks to freeze drying, long shelf-life can be achieved storing the flavor of white/black truffles EU origin.

True one-of-a-kind in the world of truffle-based items. The truffle is fully deprived of its watery component while retaining its organoleptic characteristics and structure completely intact, so that the slice is identical to a slice of fresh truffle.


Unlike typically dried truffles, they may be rehydrated in a matter of seconds and are ready to use right away. It may be used in place of fresh truffles in any recipe. These retain all of the properties but have a considerably longer storage time due to the processing.

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