Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder

Beetroot is truly an exceptional source of biologically active compounds of great nutritional, health, and technological value. Some of them are betalains, phenolic compounds (flavonoids and phenolic acids), and inorganic nitrate, which are of key interest for the meat industry due to their functional and technological properties, such as colorants, antioxidants, and preservatives.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Nutritional and versatile, beetroot bring delicious earthy flavor to both sweet and savory creations. Available in both organic and conventional in slices or powder, our beets blend with other flavors while still standing out by imparting a gorgeous maroon color that eliminates the need for artificial coloring. Mix freeze-dried beetroot into salads, soups and savory sauces. Add beet powder to smoothies and baked goods to for a boost of superfood nutrition and deep, rich color.

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