Dehydrated Tomato Powder

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Tomatoes are high in nutrients and a strong source of vitamins A and C, which aid to boost the immune system and are beneficial to collagen synthesis and skin health.  It contains significantly more lycopene in dried powder form than fresh tomatoes, and being a powerful antioxidant, it may help protect against heart disease and various kinds of cancer.

PRODUCT INFORMATION. Dehydrated tomato powder is made from own cultivated tomato by drying and grounding the tomato.  Dried tomato powder consists of 100% sun-ripened tomatoes.  Contains all of the sweetness and acidity of fresh tomatoes, with no flavor enhancers, salt, scents, or anti-caking chemicals.  The flavor is intense and tastier than most fresh tomatoes. Ideal for adding tomato flavor and color to formulations, as well as thickening and adjusting the necessary dry material (consistency).


Tomato powder can be used as a spice, seasoning, and garnish, as well as a base from which to make liquid tomato preparations like tomato paste and tomato sauce.

Suggested applications:  Marinades, Pet FoodsPlant-Based, Ready MealsSauces, Snack Mixes, Stock CubesStuffings.

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