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Passion for Great Taste...Naturally

Since 2002 Ekoterra has been supplying the food industry 

with all-natural and certified organic food ingredients.    

In our pursuit of excellence, we have partnered with producers 

who has passion for great taste, natural solutions, 

how the produce is grown, harvested and processed combining tradition with innovation.

It gives us great pleasure to deliver these traceable, natural products 

to people all over the world.

We continue to broaden our offerings by collaborating with industry partners 

who share our values in Italy and other European countries.

Ekoterra Promises

Consistent Quality

Food Safety & Quality Assurance
Our top priority is to provide the safest and highest-quality products. Food safety is achieved by utilizing a combination of internal and external monitoring process. The frequency and type of inspections are determined by Ekoterra’s risk assessment, recommendations from internal and external professionals, and the demands of our clients.

Shorter Supply Chain

Producer to Producer
In a crowded space with long supply chains, our effort is to shorten the supply chain, elevate the quality, enable the best possible product for the best price.

Sustainable Traceability

We Care-What's in Our Food?
Transparency is key for consistent quality. With our producing partners we provide documented traceability on every step of the production and their impact on the environment.

All Products

All-Natural, Certified Organic
Juice Concentrates

Juice Concentrates and Purees

Juices as NFC(not from concentrate), concentrates, purees and puree concentrates of fruits and vegetables.

Tomato Products

Tomato derivatives prepared using conventional and organic tomatoes for the B2B bulk, Retail, and HORECA sectors in various forms and packagings.
Diced tomato, tomato juice 5bx, crushed tomato 5,5 bx, tomato sauce (8-12 bx), tomato paste, Semi dried tomato.

Fruit powders

Powders of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruit and vegetable powders as natural ingredients for food and beverage formulations

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Dried fruits and vegetables produced with different techniques of dehydration methods(air dried, oven dried, vacuum dried, freeze-dried, sun-dried).


Hazelnuts and pistachios from Turkey and Italy for premium food industry formulations

pulses legumes

Plant Protein Sources

Organic pulses, peas, lentils, chickpeas that are mainly grown in Turkey.

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