Dried Apples-Cubes, Pieces

Premium quality crunchy dried apples for your industry applications

Dried apples
Dried Apples

Ekoterra offers dried apple cubes that are made by drying fresh apples in continuous tunnels to a final humidity of around 2%.
To ensure the quality of the drying process, the drying systems employ continuous hot air circulation with regulated temperature and humidity.
The environment of Isparta Turkey is perfect for cultivating different varieties of apples,

among the many varieties we can offer the most commonly requested ones are Golden, Granny Smith, Pink lady, and a specific Italian variety Imperatore. Our capacity is in our ability to custom-make and choose apple varieties from controlled agriculture initiatives in the Isparta area. The apples picked were distinguished by their skin color (red to green), white pulp, and high acidity. The end result is a dehydrated product with more than 60% skin color and very white pulp with or without the addition of preservatives (SO2) depending on the specific request.

Dried apple cubes and pieces are available in a variety of sizes, including the smallest at 3 mm, chopped to 25 mm, sliced in various weights and diameters, and segments and rings of various diameters.

Ekoterra offers a dried apple portfolio ranging from low humidity (2%) to medium humidity (20%), with or without peel, and with or without additional preservatives (sulfur dioxide).

We offer different forms and varieties suitable for breakfast cereals, bakery, and snack industries.

Please contact us for your inquiries about dried apples.

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